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NC Says Court Blocked From Philip Morris Franchise Tax Row

By Travis Bland

The North Carolina Department of Revenue is urging the state Supreme Court to uphold a loss for Philip Morris in the agency's fight to fetch more than $300,000 in franchise tax from the tobacco giant, arguing that state law forbids an administrative court from contemplating the constitutionality of tax law.

Pot Rescheduling Could Spur Inventory Accounting Change

By David van den Berg

If cannabis is reclassified to a lower tier under the Controlled Substances Act, it would unlock significant tax benefits for cannabis companies, such as allowing them to take standard business deductions, but they may need to account for their inventories differently to take full advantage.

6 Pointers For Attys To Build Trust, Credibility On Social Media

By Marly Broudie

In an era of information overload, attorneys can use social media strategically — from making infographics to leveraging targeted advertising — to cut through the noise and establish a reputation among current and potential clients, says Marly Broudie at SocialEyes Communications.

A Post-Mortem Analysis Of Stroock's Demise

By Craig Savitzky

After the dissolution of 147-year-old firm Stroock late last year shook up the legal world, a post-mortem analysis of the data reveals a long list of warning signs preceding the firm’s collapse — and provides some insight into how other firms might avoid the same disastrous fate, says Craig Savitzky at Leopard Solutions.

Calif. Tribe Looks To Undo Tobacco Noncompliance Listing

By Joyce Hanson

The Twenty-Nine Palms of Mission Indians is suing the U.S. government in California federal court over its decision to place the tribe on a "non-compliant list" under a law that targets illegal tobacco trafficking, arguing that its operations comply with all applicable state laws.

Coaching High School Wrestling Makes Me A Better Lawyer

By Richard Davis

Coaching my son’s high school wrestling team has been great fun, but it’s also demonstrated how a legal career can benefit from certain experiences, such as embracing the unknown, studying the rules and engaging with new people, says Richard Davis at Maynard Nexsen.

Expert Analysis

How Firms Can Ensure Associate Gender Parity Lasts

Among associates, women now outnumber men for the first time, but progress toward gender equality at the top of the legal profession remains glacially slow, and firms must implement time-tested solutions to ensure associates’ gender parity lasts throughout their careers, say Kelly Culhane and Nicole Joseph at Culhane Meadows.

7 Common Myths About Lateral Partner Moves

As lateral recruiting remains a key factor for law firm growth, partners considering a lateral move should be aware of a few commonly held myths — some of which contain a kernel of truth, and some of which are flat out wrong, says Dave Maurer at Major Lindsey.

Cheering In The NFL Makes Me A Better Lawyer

Balancing my time between a BigLaw career and my role as an NFL cheerleader has taught me that pursuing your passions outside of work is not a distraction, but rather an opportunity to harness important skills that can positively affect how you approach work and view success in your career, says Rachel Schuster at Sheppard Mullin.


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