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Law360 Tax Authority harnesses the powerful news engine of Law360 to provide extensive coverage of federal, state & local, and international tax developments, including legislation, regulation and enforcement, executive actions, and litigation. With Law360 Tax Authority, you’ll have a clear edge.


Law360 Tax Authority: Federal focuses on the latest issues and developments coming out of D.C., including:

  • Litigation in U.S. federal court, including daily activity in the U.S. Tax Court
  • In-depth Capitol Hill coverage
  • Guidance, documents and other releases from the IRS and the U.S. Department of the Treasury

State & Local

Law360 Tax Authority: State & Local covers the latest state and local news and trends from across the U.S., including:

  • Litigation and administrative proceedings in state and local courts and tax tribunals
  • In-depth coverage from statehouses across the U.S.
  • Major legislative and regulatory developments at the city and county levels


Law360 Tax Authority: International keeps you informed on tax matters from around the globe and between nations, including:

  • Tax developments worldwide, with a focus on the European Union and Asia
  • OECD directives, including BEPS and multilateral information sharing
  • Multinational transfer pricing issues and developments

Breaking News

Law360 Tax Authority provides up-to-the-minute news on the latest events and issues in tax law. With reporters on the ground in major jurisdictions around the world, we strive to update you on the developments that affect your practice and your business within 24 hours.

High-Profile Contributors

Law360 Tax Authority provides exclusive access to many of the top tax analysts you depend on and whose voices literally move markets in the U.S. and internationally. Several high-profile contributors include Molly Moses, David Brunori, Maria Koklanaris, Alan K. Ota, Alex M. Parker, and David van den Berg, among others.

Expert Analysis

Law360 Tax Authority includes third-party analysis written by some of the most renowned minds in the field, including law firm leaders, corporate tax counsel, regulatory officials, state and federal lawmakers, professors, think tank analysts and researchers, and others.

Featured Correspondents

David Brunori

Weekly Columnist

David Brunori

David is a Senior Director at RSM and a professor at The George Washington University. His work focuses on state & local tax and public finance, and he’s written several books on state tax policy and administration.

Molly Moses

Contributing Editor

Molly Moses

Molly has written about international tax and transfer pricing for more than 20 years. Her in-depth reporting has earned her the trust of those in the government and the private sector in countries around the world.

Maria Koklanaris Bonaquist

Senior Tax Correspondent

Maria Koklanaris Bonaquist

Maria specializes in state and local tax coverage. Prior to joining Law360, she spent 41⁄2 years covering state and local tax issues for Tax Analysts. She also has expertise in business, education, and general journalism.

Alan K. Ota

Editor-at-Large, Washington, D.C.

Alan Ota

Alan, previously with CQ and MLex US Tax Watch, has over two decades of experience covering Congress and federal agencies, including the Internal Revenue Service. He graduated with a degree in sociology from the University of California at Berkeley and was a Nieman Fellow at Harvard University.

David van den Berg

Senior Correspondent, Washington, D.C.

David Berg

David has over 10 years of experience reporting on tax and fiscal matters, previously working for MLex US Tax Watch, Tax Analysts and the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond. David earned his Bachelors in Political Science from the University of Chicago and his master’s in journalism from Northwestern University.

What are tax professionals saying about Law360?

Law360 has become a daily must-read. They keep adding reporters — good ones — and expanding coverage. I’ve come to depend on it for details about complex topics.

Verenda Smith, Deputy Director
Federation of Tax Administrators

Comcast/NBCUniversal has relied on Tax Authority since 2018 to provide timely tax news and analysis in the quick-paced and ever-changing tax regulatory landscape. It is our “go-to” tax news service. We particularly appreciate the speed with which the service delivers updates on matters that impact our daily operations.

Thomas J. Donnelly, Vice President of Tax

I am a daily reader of Law360 Tax Authority among a number of daily tax emails. I find that Tax Authority is usually the first to report on a new case, legislation or state and local tax development. It offers a broad range of topics from a multitude of states. The writing is clear, to the point and efficient which is especially important to busy state and local tax professionals who only have a few precious minutes to keep up on national developments.

Jordan M. Goodman, Partner
Horwood Marcus & Berk Chartered

Law360’s Tax Authority is my go-to when I want to get to the bottom of a tax story. The topics are timely and relevant, and the authors provide in-depth, succinct, and clear reporting. The articles make complicated cases, regulations, and proposals easy to digest. Plus, the site is effortless to navigate: Links to previous articles and relevant documents appear at the side of every page, which saves me a search. If you have to read about tax, this is definitely the place to do it.

Mary Lynn Mitcham Strom, Content Manager
CrossBorder Solutions

Law360 Tax Authority has the best writers in the industry who provide an excellent analysis of the tax issues discussed. It is my first choice for obtaining a quick update and thoughtful discussion of ongoing or emerging tax controversies. No tax practitioner should be without it.

Anonymous Reader


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